Cognition class [Week8]

posted on 13 Oct 2014 12:29 by tikky

This week topic was about human error. As a human, we can not avoid making some mistake. The main purpose to learn about human error is to understand the action in order to prevent it to happen. We had to watch a documentary about an air clash, analyze the story, and summarize the information about human error into a table. I found this homework, one of the most difficult works we have to do for this class. The documentary simulated from the real story of Air France flight 296's unfortunate accident, and the investigation which took place after the air clash. The case was very complicated, and also involved a lot of factors such as the pilot, ground staffs and mechanical system. After I watched the documentary over and over again, I could summarize the result into two different parts which were mechanical error and human error. I could also come up with the cause of the errors, and the solution for this case study. This activity gave me the idea of how the human error lesson can be used in the real world, and how much this knowledge useful for us.


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