Cognition class [Week7]

posted on 05 Oct 2014 15:57 by tikky

In this class, we watched videos which explained about “Signal Detection Theory”. Basically, this theory is about different possibilities in decision making, and factors which can interfere in our decision. When I first knew about the topic we were going to study, I was not sure I would be able to understand the theory. However, both of the videos our teacher presented to us used simple story as a guideline to make us understand this theory easily and I found that they were interesting and thought provoking. This lesson started to get a bit more difficult for me to comprehand, when there were some probability calculation involved, but then again, using the right example, really helped me understand it better.




At the last part of the lesson, we also had an opportunity to use the knowledge about Signal Detection Theory in the real case study. This activity not only made us remember the lesson better but also made us grasp the benefit of this theory in our life.

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