Cognition class [Week4]

posted on 22 Sep 2014 00:33 by tikky
For this week, we studied about “perception”. Basically, “perception” is about how the brain interprets sensory information. Vision is one of the main senses human rely on in everyday life, and in order to make us see the environment clearly, this requires many sensitive processes to send the information to the brain system, analyze and finally make us see the world.


Since the system is very sensitive, it could be easily tricked, messed up or even destroyed completely. In the class, I watched a video about a woman named Gisela Leibold, who lost her ability to see motion picture. In the video, when she walked through the train station, instead of seeing a train coming closer to her, she saw still snapshots of the train moving toward her. She has got this condition after she had a stroke, which destroyed the motion picture perception part of her brain. This case shows us how sensitive our brains are, and how the perception system could be altered by even just some small accidents.






We also had an opportunity to design a restaurant cashier display. This activity allowed us to use the knowledge we learnt from the class, and helped us understand the lesson better.


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