Cognition class [Week3]

posted on 21 Sep 2014 21:29 by tikky

This week, Prof. Takao Motoharu joined our class as a guest lecturer to give us some knowledge about Electroencephalogram or EEG. EEG is the electrical activities of the human brain which can be measured and recorded by special equipment. There are many kinds of EEG, and the figure of each brainwave can show us the state of our brain.



In the class, we did some activities about brainwave using EEG checking equipment. We could see an actual changeable brainwave trend while we were in different states of mind.


These days, EEG is not only used for medical reasons such as checking the state of sleeping, but also used to improve and develop abilities of human brain. According to the research, human brainwave can be enhanced by many methods, and one of them is by meditation practice. Since the brain could be considered as one of the most valuable part of the human, this discovery will surely be very useful for our society. In addition, it is a good start for us to develop a lot more beneficial knowledge in the future.

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