Cognition class [Week14]

posted on 28 Nov 2014 22:56 by tikky

This week, our group had to present our design of main control room for BRT and MRT. Our group choose to design the room based on Top-down Approach which is the approach that provides guideline for designing control room. What we like about this approach is the principal to keep only the necessary part of the operation rather than decorating a beautiful high-tech room. Top-down believes that “the overall system will fail if operators are overloaded, undertaking tasks for which they are poorly trained, or straining to read displays that are illegible”. Therefore, our group focused on designing the new layout of the main monitor more than the decoration of control room. We choose to show only the important information on the current screen, and use different colours and sounds to help organizing the information. We also made sure that the operator can get more information in case when they need to use them.




For the decoration of the control room, our group tried to keep the design as simple as possible. Because the most important thing for staffs who work in this room is the communication, we design a very flexible and easy to adjust room. In this way staffs in the room can move around, and change their locations easily. In the emergency time, they can also gather or have a meeting as quick as they want.


Cognition class [Week13]

posted on 28 Nov 2014 22:52 by tikky

I felt so sorry that I missed this class, because a pilot is the career that I always admire. Since my family love to travel, I often have chances to go to many different countries. This make me quite similar to the experience of traveling by airplane. As much as I like to be in the airplane, flying very high in the sky could be terrify too. There are so many time when the flight are not so smooth because of the outside weather, and make passengers feel unsafe. This kind of situation always make me wonder how a pilot control all the complicated systems of the big airplane.


I have leant a lot about how people control those complicated systems we need to use in our everyday lives from the class, but I know that they can not compare to an opportunity to actually talk to the real pilot, and ask some of the questions I always have in my mind.

Cognition class [Week12]

posted on 17 Nov 2014 13:03 by tikky

In this week, we had a good opportunity to see the main control room of MRT underground train which run by Bangkok Metro Public Company Limited. Although I did not join our class this week, I have learnt a lot of information from my group members who actually went their. I was not surprise to know that most of the systems in MRT main control room were about the same systems as in BRT main control room. According to the stuff in BRT main control room we met two weeks ago, this system is the international system which was used in a lot of countries around the world. There are might be some small part that looks different, but mainly they are the similar system. This fact has helped my designing control room project which I have to work as a group run smoother because we can design the room base on this system, and it can be used for both BRT and MRT companies.